Ghana Tour Promoter Europe USA

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum in Accra, Ghana

Ghana Tour Promoter Europe USA

Women carrying water buckets near Yeshua Village, Gbedzekope, Volta Region Ghana

Ghana Tour Promoter Europe USA

Tel Aviv skyline in Israel

Ghana Tour Promoter Europe USA

Buckingham Palace in London, UK

Tours To Ghana And Israel


Royal Jubilee Tours (RJT) aims to promote tours to Ghana and Israel. The tours hold deep spiritual and historical antecedents to individuals based on an impact of history or other religious experiences. We are a tour promoting company to two countries; Ghana and Israel. Prospective visitors usually have an historical affiliation to the two destinations, which we wish to promote.




London, UK (The Starting Point for both tours)

The Queens guard in London. Tours to Ghana and Israel.



Cape Coast Castle, Ghana. Tours to Ghana and Israel.


Basilica of The Annunciation. Tours to Ghana and Israel 2019.



Joining One Of Our Tours To Ghana Or Israel

 STEP 1: Indicate Interest


Contact us either by calling or sending us a message on our contact page and we'll be in touch.

 STEP 2: Pay Your Dues


Once at least 50 people have indicated interest for the relevant tour we'll inform you, at which time you will need to pay your dues.

 STEP 3: Get Excited!


Once all has been paid, you can get excited and begin packing your bags. We'll be seeing you soon!?

How Royal Jubilee Tours-Promotions Conducts Its Work

During our tours To Ghana and Israel, we endeavour to provide a smooth and seamless transition from hotels to airlines, transit buses, trains and tour coaches. We aim to arrange for 50 visitors at a time, a figure which airlines, hotel chains and coach companies find worthwhile to do business. As promoters and the smallest unit in the scheme of things we hope to secure the best prices for our customers, therefore, we prefer that our customers pay the agreed price to the airlines, hotel chains and pay us administrative and transit fees, unless we transfer our responsibilities to a third party bank or credit facilitator to make the payments. We anticipate that most payments might be made electronically with a code to identify the group at every stage of the process.

Prospective customers must first indicate their interest with their details. Nothing is payable at this stage till the 50th person has indicated their interest. Most of the trips may be through London, for which there is a three-day tour of the city by bus, trains and walks to particular sights or attractions. We anticipate that this would be a hassle-free endeavour without immigration emergencies or other criminal designs on the visit, for this reason we disclaim any responsibility for such unintended or unanticipated designs. Persons with mental problems or other health issues must declare such disability and indicate how they can be helped in an emergency by Representatives or Minders assigned to the group. Prospective visitors must ensure their passports are valid over 6 months and that they have health, travel, luggage and money insurance against losses or illness however sustained.

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Tours To Ghana

For most black and related persons, Ghana, though not unique on the African continent, is the first to offer a right of return to people of African descent and other related persons. Ghana hosts the Pan African Historical Festival (PANAFEST), annually to draw attention to the achievements of black and brown people around the world. With over ten Castles and Forts dotted along its coastland, Ghana has irrefutable evidence not only of the presence of the European on the coastline but attests to the middle passage of the Trans-Atlantic Trade in slaves. This year has seen the HR 1242 Bill passed by the US Congress and signed into law, acknowledging the presence of people of African descent in 400 years. Others look to biblical prophecy for the basis of their beliefs in relation to the 400 years. So, it is not surprising there is, an awakening on the world scene of people of all colours relating to their African roots.

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Tours to Ghana and Israel. Accra Ghana. Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.


Tours to Ghana and Israel. Nazareth Basilica of the Annunciation.

Tours To Israel

It is common knowledge that Israel holds three of the world's Abrahamic religions and close to more than half of the world's population have historical and spiritual roots in Israel. The tour to Israel offers close to forty sights and venues of biblical significance. Israel offers an indescribable, inescapable and inexplicable spiritual experience peculiar to the individual in spite of the media hype and the apparent sense of disquiet. Israel is never out of the news for the best of times; yet she occupies a land mass equal to a district or region of other countries for good or for ill, Israel is always there. Should it not make us wonder? The sceptics, for clarity, visit Israel to be enamoured by her sheer volume of her presence on the world scene.

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Yeshua Village Hostel

In order to provide a more fulfilling experience to visitors to Ghana, RJT has chosen and teamed up with Yeshua Village Trust to put together a Hostel for prospective visitors; who plan to tour, retreat, visit, research, explore or return on a short, medium and/or long-term basis.

Yeshua Village

It is anticipated that for those people who would want a more lasting experience in Ghana, a village setting comparable to a kibbutz or a starter initiative of a living space, to work, study, explore, play and raise a family may be part of their contemplation. This initiative would be extended to the surrounding local villages to improve water and sewage services, schools, roads and job initiatives for local villagers.

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Yeshua Village Hostel. Tours to Ghana and Israel.


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"For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

- Romans 10:13

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