The Yeshua Village Hostel

The Royal Jubilee Tours – Promotions support tours to Ghana and Israel, and to enhance the experience for our Ghana Tours we've teamed up with the proponents of Yeshua Village Hostel as a destination point for visitors. We subscribe to the rule of thumb that it is not advisable to up-sticks from one country to another without friendly and reliable contacts in the new country; we endeavour to provide the necessary peace of mind, personal safety and a sense of well-being, to reassure loved ones back in the home country.


Plans For The Yeshua Village Hostels

Yeshua Village is hoping to build two hostels; one to welcome visitors on the Royal Jubilee Tour, which may be touring parts of the country and another Hostel to house visitors who want an extended stay to explore, retreat, tour, research and weigh out options about returning on a short, medium or long-term basis. The visitors in the second example may plan their visit with minimal oversight, as they are deemed to be planning their visit and may have had prior experience on visits to the country.

The current design is estimated to house more than the expected 50 visitors on a trip, with other allocations to be made to teachers of the school and other staffers of the Hostel.

Funding For The Project

Yeshua Village Hostel is estimated to cost $5.5 million, comprising the Hostel, with all accessories as a modern living space, a school for 4 to 14-year olds, who have no education at all, infrastructure around the Hostel; water, electricity, gas, sewage and road links.

Yeshua Village Hostel is a microcosm of a larger initiative of Yeshua Village itself, which would be seen as a larger conurbation of people from the Diaspora. They could be black, white and brown, they may hold a commonality in their belief systems or are just curious about the human experience and the thread of spirituality that binds humans together.

Funding for Yeshua Village Hostel is expected to come from members of the Diaspora, with the appointment of a Fund-Raising Manager or Consultant in place. Funding from public sources is expected to net a moiety of our estimated cost, a month for seven months, when the project is expected to be completed. Failing that visitors would be housed in various hotels at current market prices instead of the cheaper option the Hostel would have provided in the general scheme of things. Funding for the Village may be to open to donors world-wide under an international donors’ conference or committee.  


Tours to Ghana and Israel. Yeshua Village Hostel blueprints.


Tours to Ghana and Israel. Yeshua Village Hostel building plan.

Yeshua Village Water Project

Yeshua Village has just completed a water project in Gbedzekope in the Volta Region, Ghana as shown by the various pictures of materials and actual laying of pipes with funds from Operation Joseph in the USA August 2018.




The Ultimate Purpose

The main aim and mission of Yeshua Village is to create a safe space for people in the African Diaspora or other related persons of European or Asian descent to connect to destinations of their choice on the continent, building on a spiritual or historical experience.

We acknowledge that there is a thread of spirituality linking Black, Brown and White people around the world.

We share the virtues of good governance in relation to stake holders, beneficiaries of our services and statutory bodies over our activities in ensuring; integrity, honesty, fairness, probity, accountability, transparency and godliness in every aspect of our work.