The Israel Tour 2019

The second of our tours to Ghana and Israel is the Israel Tour. This is organised by the Christian Friends of Israel UK, and as Promoters, we are going on their ticket and must endeavour to observe protocols and show respect to the country of Israel and her people. One cardinal rule is not to openly seek to convert any one in Israel, but you can pray for any spiritual concerns in private; meanwhile look out for your encounter with the Holy Spirit.

The flight from New York would be on the 24th of May 2019, New York JFK International to London City Airport. Members of the group would spend three nights in London touring the city during the day.
The flight continues with a train journey to an airport outside London, usually Stansted Airport or Heathrow Airport on 28th May 2019 to Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv then by bus to Nazareth.

The outward flight is from Ben Gurion to Stansted Airport 3 June, 2019 then by train or bus to London for the night and a flight on the 4th from London City Airport to New York.

The brochure of the Israel Tour is enclosed for your perusal. View here

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New York, USA - London, UK -  Tel Aviv, Israel

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Tours to Ghana and Israel. Israel Tour. Tel Aviv coastline.

The cut-off point for full payment for this tour is 8 weeks. It is advisable to indicate your interest, for arrangements to be made in advance.

As indicated, the promotion of this Tour does not anticipate any act of malfeasance or other illegality. The Promoters would not be liable for any loss sustained directly or indirectly in any matter related or unrelated to the Tour in the promotion of same. Prospective visitors must ensure their passports are valid over 6 months and that they have health, travel, luggage and money insurance against losses or illness however sustained.